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O.M.G. Srl is pleased to present, in a single graphic solution, its entire range of products, all designed and built inside its production facility.

Those of you who have known us for some time will be well aware of the technical and organizational evolution that distinguishes our company.

Our range of products has been extended and upgraded:

  • TA series, angle heads

  • MO series, spindle speeders

  • HT series, revolver turret heads

  • VH series, variable centre distance multispindle heads

  • TSI-TSX series, gear chamfering multispindle heads

  • T series, universal joint multispindle heads

and where standard products are not enough, we can also offer a range of special products series MT, TC, TC3, TFS purposely designed and customized for various types of applications.

The most recent challenge of O.M.G. is named "BAH“, angle heads for big machine tools. With the launch of this new series we strongly break into the big industry applications such as naval, aerospace, military etc.

Our mission involves a declaration of intent: creativity and technical advice at the service of customers to enable them to upgrade their output and their before and after-sales service reliability through prompt assistance and increasingly more punctual delivery.

Allow us to take this opportunity to thank all those customers who have chosen O.M.G. products, thereby contributing to their evolution; a warm welcome too to those who turn with confidence to O.M.G. , a company that caters for individual requirements and is involved in a range of different manufacturing activities.

O.M.G. story

O.M.G. was established in the 1960s as a small workshop specialised in designing and manufacturing multispindle heads. At that time, production centred on three products: tapping spindles, adjustable joint multispindle heads and variable centre distance multispindle heads.

Later on, in line with the evolution of the mechanical engineering industry, O.M.G. expanded and developed, taking part in the diffusion of new products with innovative and cutting-edge proposals for this research and production sector.

The cutting-edge technologies employed in the manufacturing processes and the use of new computerised methods resulted in the O.M.G. brand name and image becoming widely known to small and large companies alike, an image sustained by a long series of advertising campaigns.

Thank you for your attention,


O.M.G. Srl


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